Product Path Dependence

Why the future of your product depends on its past.

Is a startup a good place to be during a pandemic?

In September 2020 I was asked to share my perspective on "Why a Startup is a Good Place to be in a Pandemic and Recession" for the Dartmouth Entrepreneur Forum

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Building a more privacy-centric personal finance dashboard

The Rise and Fall of Squatbot 🤖

How a spreadsheet, a few no-code data pipelines, and some healthy peer pressure can keep you 💪 doing a pandemic

Product Strategy Memes

How to spread your product strategy throughout your organization

Dashboard-First Product Development

Ship your dashboard before you ship any product

Future Version of People

See the future version of people, and determine how you can help them achieve that version.


With the recent release of Byte, I was reminded of the summer I spent working at a video social network called Viddy. I wanted to share some of the stories from that summer, and the lessons that I learned.